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Game info Links Highscore Personal best
Amazing SheriffHelp Amazing Sheriff jump from spinning wheel to spinning wheel, breakin' bottles, smashin' aliens, and firin' guns in this rootin' tootin' shooter game!. 
Amazing Sheriff (2.45 MiB)
  • .
  • (1)
Plays: 217
Highscores 57,410  Radek87
28 lut 2012, o 17:14
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Bouncy Fire FightersTake on the role of the Bouncy Fire Fighters and save the needy from death. Hop on a life net and control your jumps to rescue the victims from burning accidents. But beware of falling down. Enjoy Bouncy Fire Fighters. 
Bouncy Fire Fighters (3.49 MiB)
  • .
  • (1)
Plays: 27
Highscores 129,830  Majonez
14 lip 2013, o 21:26
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Ghosts 'n GoblinsWciel się w dzielnego rycerza i pokonaj Demoniczne Zombie. 
Ghosts 'n Goblins (1.6 MiB)
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  • (0)
Plays: 37
Highscores 31,400  Navari
12 lip 2013, o 15:55
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Super Mario World FlashStara gra w nowym wydaniu Mario Flash . 
Super Mario World Flash (1.97 MiB)
  • .
  • (1)
Plays: 18
Highscores 160,090  beerciik
31 paź 2011, o 21:27
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Zombie SoccerRun in the pitch avoiding the enemie players and grab the different cards to get a killing power bonus. 
Zombie Soccer (559.44 KiB)
  • .
  • (0)
Plays: 19
Highscores 108,239  Polishteam
7 gru 2011, o 17:10
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Zombie Survival OutbreakUse your knife, gun and grenades to slaughter hordes of zombies without letting them throw vomit at you. Try to survive each level and upgrade your stats. 
Zombie Survival Outbreak (4.39 MiB)
  • .
  • (0)
Plays: 18
Highscores 16,200  emczer
7 gru 2011, o 18:20
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Zombie Survival Special MissionMake your way through hordes of undead zombies, slaughter them all.
Use your score to upgrade your weapons.
A total of 45 Levels are available.
Good Luck!
Zombie Survival Special Mission (3.2 MiB)
  • .
  • (1)
Plays: 17
Highscores 25,040  Navari
12 lip 2013, o 17:07
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